Modular Grass Volume 2

by Deezl in Models

Compose with easy blocks

The Modular Grass collection is built to simplify your work when it comes to grass.

  • 5 blocks with grass and ground render-ready
  • 5 blocks Grass-Only render-ready
  • 5 density levels to easily pick the perfect grass-ground ratio

Density LevelsĀ 

Each collection comes with 5 default grass density levels

Customize it

Go deeper and customize your grass using the particle system

The Poly Count is under control

The Modular Grass Collection won't jam your scene

Each module is made of 4,233 Verts

A Closer Look

What's in the Pack

  • 1x Blender Project 2.8x Render-Ready
  • 1x HDRI 8K
  • 1x 4K PBR Ground MaterialĀ ( DIFF | AO | BUMP | DISP | NRM | ROUGH | SPEC )
  • 1x PBR Grass MaterialĀ ( COL | GLOSS | NRM | REFL )