Modular Construction Set - Castle

by bigmouse in Models

A complete set of Parts, or building blocks for construction of  late medieval or early Renaissance style structures. such as houses, streets, walls, towers – square and round, a whole castle or even a whole town.

The building blocks are seperated to several different categories consists of walls, arches, battlements, stairs, doors, windows, different types of columns, arched ceilings, roof tops, several types of floors and ground, rounded towers parts and extra details, seperated to different layers in the .blend file.

All objects are UV unwrapped and textured with high quality 1024x1024px UV mapped textures sets that include Color (diffuse) maps, specular (glossy) maps and normal maps.

All textures are absolutely seamless.

Materials are set for both Blender internal and Cycles renders.

When switching render engine simply toggle 'Use nodes' option in the 'Materials' tab on or off.

All objects are in real-world size and built according to, well, more modern Architectural standarts. All meshes are as low poly as possible and are meant to be used in game engines.

Most parts have 'Array' modifiers assigned so they are 'Stretchable', meaning, they can easily be duplicated to whatever length, width or height, keeping both ends closed using the Array modifier's Start and End caps feature.



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Published about 8 years ago
Blender Version 2.7x
License Royalty Free
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