Modo-Me, Modo Action Centers, Smart Center And Axis Management

by Mechanical Mustache in Addons


* Either uncompress the provided zip yo your ad-dons folder or use "Install add-n from File" in the "Add-ons" tab in your preferences window.

* Once the install need to assign a shortcut for it. This is done by putting the values in the "Input" section of Blender Preferences. See the image below.


Keymap Setting

I recommend `Shift-Alt-Q` as your shortcut for this menu as I found it to be very much accessible.

Find the `3D View generic` under `3D View`

First `Add New` then  put the values below as seen in the pic. Assign the shortcut as seen in the picture. Here I have choose `Shift-Alt-Q` to call the Action Centers menu

Put `wm.call_menu` at the top left box in the new keymap area, once done the bottom box will open up. And paste `object.modoactioncenters` into the box that is on the right side (one that is with `Name:`)

for v1.51 and below 2.80/2.79

for v1.52 and up 2.80 (click for larger view)

How to Use

Once you install and assign your shortcut properly, all you do is to press your shortcut to call the menu. From there choose the functionality you want.

- One of the main different between Modo-Me and the Modo action centers is that there is no **left click to put the operation center and drag** if you are using `Left click to select` mode in Blender. Therefor in 'Automatic' mode you will use right click to relocate the operation center and left click to operate. 

- If you are using `Right click to select` then relocating the center is much more easy (done by RClick) however you will loose ability to `drag` the transformation. So you need to pick your battle in that front, this is how Blender operates fundamentally. Blender cursor has to be located with one and operated with the other.

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