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A Super Versatile, Rigged and Animated Minotaur for use in Cinematics through to Games

The Minotaur is built with Blender 2.83 LTS and leverages the Rigify animation system. This downloadable digital 3D asset is packed with great value, not just in terms of the model itself but in how it can be used.

You’ll find each of the 3D files making up this product built to the highest standards and offering a great deal of convenience for skilled 3D artists as well as an extensively documented resource for those learning 3D digital content creation.

In the archived zip file, you will find,

  • A Production-Ready Blend file for animation
  • A Production-Ready Blend file for stills rendering
  • An FBX file with a baked walk cycle animation
  • An STL file with water-tight geometry, ready for 3D printing

Product Details

The Minotaur’s production-ready blend files have all the texture details you need with high resolution 4K bitmaps packed into each file, and effectively used to build a rich shading network.

The animation production blend file has been optimized for rendering with Eevee, providing super-fast results while utilizing the Principled BSDF shader to balance quality vs turnaround-time.

A unique, keyframed, walk-cycle animation is included that uses the Rigify animation system, as well as a dynamic simulation for the Armour.

You can read more about the Minotaur’s animation system in this blog post.

The production-ready file for rendering stills has an even greater degree of options for configuring the Minotaur’s Shading Network for the Cycles Rendering Engine.

Customizable Shading Network

With a shading network consisting of Sub-surface scattering, Ambient Occlusion, Fresnel and other shaders you get to control the complexity of the output through an easily traversable network. There are no limits to how much realism or stylization you can have your Minotaur output. 

Logical UV Layout

The Minotaur also comes with non-overlapping UV’s that are laid out in logical islands, that represent the form of a pelted model. As such you can easily hand paint over the textures of import them into a 2D application for further manipulation and leave out the guesswork.

Multiple Output Options (Blend, FBX, STL)

Whether your interests are in High-Resolution Cinematics, AR/VR Realtime Applications, Games Development or 3D Printing the Minotaur has you covered. With multiple file versions including Blend, FBX and STL your Minotaur has a wide variety of configurations and different options for output. Best of all, if you run into any trouble just let us know and we’ll get back to you in a flash!


Published over 3 years ago
Blender Version 2.83, 2.9, 2.91
Render Engine Used Cycles
License Royalty Free
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