Military Cargo Vol 2

by rezamax in Models

Hi there,

This package contains four different types of military cargo models, all of which are under 60k tris and ready to use in game engines.

The models in this package were created with artists in mind. We know that artists often need to create repetitive elements, such as military cargo, and we wanted to create a library of models that would make this process easier and faster.

All of the models in this package have suitable UVs that you can connect to other textures. We've also imported the models into one of the game engines (Unreal Engine), so you can easily use them in your projects.

In addition to the models, this package also includes 4K textures and a Blend File. The Blend File is a great way to see how the models were created and to make changes to them if you need to

  • 4 3D models in FBX and OBJ formats
  • All models have UV channels and are ready to use in games
  • The average number of tris for models is around 14k
  • 4K Textures
  • Unreal Engine Project (4.27.2 and above)
  • Blend File

Thank you for your time.


Military Cargo Vol 1

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Published about 1 year ago
Blender Version 3.3
Render Engine Used Cycles
Misc Data Uvs-Unwrapped, Low-High-Resolution, Normal-Mapped, Textured
License Editorial
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