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This addon is developed to make modeling in editmode mode more easy.

When I started to model with blender I missed some functionality, for instance to distribute objects in a circle without the complex setup with modifiers. Also the array modifier is very powerful but sometimes I would like to distribute objects within editmode in a simple way.

The addon has for option for now:

-Distribute (an array in editmode)

-Rotate (circular array)

-Plane to Plane (orient mesh objects by choosing faces)

-Mirror (mirror mesh in a chosen plane)


Download the addon ( and in the preference menu  select  install.

After installation in the side panel menu in the edit tap Mesh Stuff appears.

The addon is only visible and only works in edit mode.


The function will distribute two selected mesh objects evenly on a straight line.

Select the first and second object and press ‘Distribute’.

The amount can be set aftheward.



Select faces or an object and finally a face or an edge to be the rotation center.

Press ‘Rotate’.


Plane to Plane:

Select two faces on two different mesh objects. The first plane will be placed on top of the other plane together with the linked geometry. The orientation can be adjusted.


Select a plane or vert or edge and press mirror. The linked geometry will be mirrored. 

You can also select geometry that is not connected and as last the mirror plane/edge/vert.

Guide Lines

update 14-3-2022

added guide lines to addon

22-5-2022 update mesh stuff 5

21-9-2022 uptdate to mesh stuff 6

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Blender Version 2.92, 2.93, 3.0
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