Mesh Repair Tools

by SineWave in Addons


This addon packed with various mesh fixing tools, designed to maximize the flexibility of your mesh repairing process. As many of you know, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all protocol for fixing meshes. This addon empowers you to adjust the fixing sequence to suit your specific needs. Dive into this new era of mesh fixing with enhanced control and adaptability!
What makes this addon different?


Lightning-fast, Intuitive and Robust
Effortless Mesh Workflow
Innovative and Unique Features


Noise Shells - Delete the small mesh islands

Spikes - Dissolve the spike-shaped noise


Intersection - Dissolve the intersecting triangles

Fill Holes - Detect and fill small simple holes 

Local Fixing Tools [EDIT Mode]

Flattern Surface

Select More / Select Less (blender algorithm)

Recalculate Selected Face Normal (blender algorithm)

Remesh, Smooth , Reduce (blender algorithm)

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