Kukri Knife (Melee Weapon)

by AlejandroCalEli in Models

This is a LOW POLY Stylized Kukri Knife (Melee Weapon)

The model has been made in Maya 2020.

The model has been textured in Substance Painter 2019.3.3.

The Model has been rendered in Marmoset Toolbag.

The model come with the texture size of 2048x2048

Game ready 3D model and textures.

Blender Texture Maps:

a.) Base Color (2048x2048) 

b.) Metallic (2048x2048) 

Unity 5 Texture Maps:

a.) Albedo Transparency (2048x2048)

b.) Metallic Smoothness (2048x2048) 

c.) Normal (2048x2048)

Unreal Engine 4 Texture Maps

a.) Base Color (2048x2048)

b.) Occlusion Roughness Metallic (2048x2048) 

c.) Normal (2048x2048)

The model is great for games

The model come in following formats:

1.) blend, Obj ,fbx, maya

The texture of models are baked .

Poly Count: 

Verts: 288

Edges: 550

Faces: 268

Tris: 532

UVs: 320