Medieval Procedural Generators Pack

by Blender Procedural in Modifier Setups

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  • Joshua Certain
    about 2 months ago

    Product seems to work, but without proper documentation the node group is very unintuitive and difficult to control.

  • Raimund K├╝gler
    6 months ago

    good addon to play with! yes no documentation and you need first some minutes to found out about the the parameters, but then pure fun. Change the grass to some own texture and also the rocktexture -endless possibilities

  • john
    7 months ago

    thank you

  • Joseph
    8 months ago

    No response to questions, no documentation, probably should just get a refund. He actively crops the instructions out of videos and gifs, as if he would rather we just didn't use the product.

  • pol3waf
    8 months ago

    Nice Addon!
    But there is no documentation and naming of variables and in the source files is not ideal.
    It would be great if the geometry node setup was documented in some way (e.g. frames, groups) so that you could tweak things for your own needs (for additional features or improving performance).

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