Medieval Outpost Building With Interior Space

by Ksalk3D in Models

a.)This is model is an semi fantasy Medieval outpost building.
the building have interior space as well .

These building were used for 4 purposes 1.) as guardtower, 2.) resting place for soldiers,3.) interogation area ,4.) senior officer office.

b.)the model come with the texture of 2K resolution
along with a specularity ,normal ,occulsion displacement ,
and roughness map all of same size.

c.) the model has been made in blender native 2.78.
the file format are as follow- .3ds,.blend,.obj,.fbx .

d.) The model can be used in animation,Real time games,ad,
vfx etc.

e.) the model has been tested in game engine such has unity
and ue4.

f.) the model has polygons and vertices as follow-

polygons - 11847.
vertices - 15232.

if using the model in unity than keep the

normal to - 0.2-0.4.
height- 0.03-0.2.
and import the fbx format only .


the texture and material name is same.

hope you like the model thank you