Medieval Dining Collection

by KyrbSide Studios in Models

Technical Details


- 23 Unique 3D Medieval Dining Props for use in various types of projects
- Materials are PBR Roughness Metalness Ambient Occlusion (RMA)

Number of Unique Meshes: 23
Collision Meshes: Yes
Vertex Count: Various (see Additional Notes)
LODs: Yes, varied
Number of Materials: 13
UV Maps: Yes
Number of Textures: 39
Texture Resolutions: 1024, 2048, 4096
Supported Development Platforms: Mac OS, PC, PS4, XBOX One, PS5, XBOX Series S/X
Windows: Yes
Mac: Yes
Documentation: info.txt

Important/Additional Notes:

- All assets are set up with Unreal Engine 4 in mind, so they are named and oriented accordingly (“SM_” prefix for “Static Meshes,” “T_” prefix for textures, “M_” Prefix for Materials, “Z-up” and “X-forward” axis, etc).

- Mask textures are also packed for UE4 (RAM - Red channel = Roughness, Green channel = Metalness, Blue Channel  = Ambient Occlusion), however, the Blender shaders have the Green channel flipped so they display correctly for OpenGL.

- LOD and Collision geo are also included for each mesh, which are all parented to a locator for each asset (note: only LOD0 is visible when loading scene; all other LODs and collision need to be globally enabled in the Collection Tab to view)

- All assets can work in Unity and other game engines with some minor adjustments, such as swapping to “Y-up,” making sure to use the OpenG version of the normal maps (included in the “Unity_Textures” folder, which also includes "Mask" textures for Roughness, Metalness and AO for Unity.), and applying the collision meshes according to your engine of choice. It does take a bit of time to set up (which is why I haven’t provided more specific files for other engines), but I’m assuming that these steps would be part of most developers' workflows anyway.

- Even though the triangle counts for all assets are quite reasonable for latest-gen games, they have also been built with destruction in mind, with each logical “piece” as a separate geometry element. For example, each stone in the fireplace is individually modeled and the “grout” is one continuous piece that could be swapped out with a particle effect during destruction. This would allow an artist to easily “break apart” the meshes for destruction without having to manually “cut up” the mesh.

Asset List with Tri/Vert Counts

SM_Bowl_Wood_LRG - 1344 tris/810 verts
SM_Bowl_Wood_SML - 960 tris/588 verts
SM_Cauldron_Cast_Iron_LRG - 2,608 tris/1680 verts
SM_Cauldron_Hanger - 1972 tris/1668 verts
SM_Chair_Dining_Wood_A - 3270 tris/2067 verts
SM_Cup_Wood_LRG - 576 tris/354 verts
SM_Fire_Ash - 680 tris/386 verts
SM_Fire_Wood - 2872 tris/1877 verts
SM_Fireplace_Stone - 20670 tris/14283 verts
SM_Fork_Metal - 748 tris/492 verts
SM_Knife_Metal - 580 tris/337 verts
SM_Ladle - 500 tris/303 verts
SM_Pitcher_Clay - 2384 tris/1375 verts
SM_Plate_Metal_LRG - 896 tris/482 verts
SM_Plate_Wood_LRG - 704 tris/418 verts
SM_Shelf_Wood_LRG_A - 612 tris/392 verts
SM_Shelf_Wood_LRG_B - 596 tris/382 verts
SM_Spoon_Metal - 692 tris/412 verts
SM_Spoon_Wood_LRG - 518 tris/322 verts
SM_Spoon_Wood_SML - 662 tris/403 verts
SM_Stein_Wood - 1756 tris/1098 verts
SM_Stool_Wood_SML_A - 3274 tris/2117 verts
SM_Table_Dining_Wood_SML_A - 6320 tris/3898 verts
Dev Fund Contributor
Published over 2 years ago
Blender Version 3.0
Render Engine Used Cycles
Misc Data Uvs-Unwrapped, Manifold-Mesh, Normal-Mapped, Textured
License Royalty Free
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