Medieval City Generator

by Joshua Börner in Modifier Setups

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  • Jacob Nelson
    about 1 month ago

    Great product that is cheap and easy to use. I have been having issues with the walkways where they are extremely distorted except for on the example curve. I haven't been able to figure the issue out, but making my own ground/terrain isn't difficult.

  • Ashleigh Felton
    3 months ago

    This is really nice and simple. Originally wanted to use this to map out a city for D&D, but I'm seeing a lot of potential here. Just need to switch out some of the assets with any other theme and the value compounds. Great job.

    • Joshua Börner

      3 months ago

      Thank you for the support! Glad you found it useful

  • Joe Krivoski
    5 months ago

    this is really nice for what it is.

    • Joshua Börner

      5 months ago

      Thank you!

  • Jan Sarigiannidis
    12 months ago

    Despite it's lower level of detail up close, it achieves a remarkably authentic look from a distance. Highly satisfying!

    • Joshua Börner

      12 months ago

      Thanks a lot!

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