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V2 is a free update, available in the product files. No need to look for or purchase a separate version. I'll always offer updates to my plugins free-of-charge. 

| Measure Better 

  1. Dynamic Measuring: It provides real-time measurements of all selected objects and edges in the Blender scene, in a custom measuring "tape" side panel.

  2. Automatic Unit Conversion: The add-on supports unit conversions, allowing measurements to be displayed in metric (meters, centimeters, millimeters) or imperial units (inches, feet), enhancing its utility for a global user base.

  3. CSV Export: Users can export measurements to a CSV file, facilitating documentation, project planning, and collaboration.

  4. Set Size: Users can set a specific dimension for X, Y, and Z axis and apply the dimensions to the selected objects, allowing for quickly sizing objects to exact dimensions without the need to manipulate verts or faces individually. Also works for edges. 

  5. Measurement Annotations: It allows for the creation of 3D text objects in the scene to label measurements, to quickly annotate 3D measurements into the scene for more interesting measurement visualizations. 

  6. Customizable Display: Users can customize the color of measurement annotations, and decide whether to include unit suffixes, tailoring the visual aspects to their preferences or project requirements.

  7. Visibility Toggle: Provides the ability to easily show or hide all measurement annotations, decluttering the viewport and focusing on measurements only when needed.
How to Use
  1. Installation and Access: After installing the add-on, it's accessible via the "View3D > Sidebar > Tape" panel in Blender, making it readily available for use during modeling tasks.

  2. Making Measurements: In edit mode, select edges to measure, and in object mode, select objects. Use the panel to view measurements or create text annotations directly in the scene.

  3. Exporting Measurements: With the click of a button, users can export selected measurements to a CSV file, providing a portable and easy-to-access record of their work.

  4. Customizing Annotation Display: Within the panel, users can adjust the color of the measurement text and choose whether to include the unit suffix, allowing for a customized look that fits the user's needs.

Updated Panel 

New panel allows users to set dimensions for multiple objects or edges, then "set" the object to that size, with individual or multiple axis control buttons. 

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Blender Version 4.0, 3.6, 3.5
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