Material Library Materialiq - Cycles & Eevee Materials Material

by polygoniq in Models

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  • Warren Reed 4 months ago

    The add on is organized and easy to use, and helps me a lot in my series. After a while you get tired of going back into folders and so on, and with this add, no need. Saves a lot of time! Great addon, thanks!

    • polygoniq 3 months ago

      Hi, thanks for the 5-star review! We are excited that we can save time for one more artist! :)

  • Vlad Sofronie 6 months ago

    Outstanding add-on. A real time saver!

    • polygoniq 3 months ago

      Thanks, Vlad! We are always happy when our addons save time for artists.

  • Andreas Hnida 6 months ago

    Awesome Library. The ocean shader is worth the money alone.

    • polygoniq 3 months ago

      Andreas, thanks for your review, we are glad you like the addon! :)

  • HalfPriced 7 months ago

    I purchased the 4k version, the materials are great and the interface is very pleasant to use without being overly intrusive. Although I would like the ability to collapse the lower sections leaving only the Summon Material and Replace Material buttons visible.

    Overall these materials have been awesome, and they're very easy to extend and modify if you need to. The nodes are all nicely grouped together. So along with being great materials in their own right they're also great as base materials to build on top of.

    I definitely recommend this.

  • pedrowilde 10 months ago


  • Aleksandr 11 months ago

    download full 4k version, install, opened materialiq_1.8.blend file, make all Paths Absolute, set location for missing files but still have missing files. Example: material use texture Stonewall_Travertine_Normal_mqt_1024.png, but in my folder i don`t have ".png" file only the same file but ".jpg". Any solutions?

    • polygoniq 11 months ago

      Hello Aleksandr,

      I see you also sent a message through Inbox but will reply here aswell for consistency- materialiq_1.8.blend doesn't exist in current version of materialiq (it used to long long time ago) now we have materialiq_b280.blend and you can open it through the addon in Properties Window under Materials in a tab named "materialiq" by clicking on the "Showcase Scenes" buton. I will send you a screenshot through Inbox.

      All the best,

  • braj 12 months ago

    I bought the 2k version and it is perfect for my needs, only thing I would ask for is a fast way to bake materials for export.

  • Nik Kottmann about 1 year ago

    The perfect material library!

  • andreas about 1 year ago

    Beautiful collection of high quality shaders. Very great for Archviz and a lot more. Especially on large objects you get stunning results without a visible tile effect. The well organized website is also very helpful and very well done. It is not just another shader collection. These are fine materials which look awesome. In every case worth the price. So grab it. 4K of course :)

  • Matteo over 1 year ago


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