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  • Igor
    3 months ago

    The idea is great, the implementation is terrible
    You make a copy of the material, change various settings, but when you assign a new material, all copies fly off
    After updates to the addon or the blender itself, all materials turn purple, even the new addon engone allegedly does not help with the restoration of materials
    You write to the developers, they ignore and write that they don't understand what's going on
    They create new addons a lot and quickly, but they forget about the stability of existing ones
    Terrible, very terrible, I bought an addon for convenience, but in the end I got a problem(((

  • Salvador J. Gutierrez
    8 months ago

    Wonderful library of materials. Not only speeds up my workflow, but makes it fun adding materials to objects.

  • marco
    9 months ago

    I have been using materialiq for more than a year and I have to say the new asset manager is not what I expected and it's making my workflow very slow compared to the previous version, I need the option to add materials from the default material menu back, it worked perfectly, not sure why that was removed but if you can please bring that option back.

  • Visual Chris
    over 1 year ago

    The new 5.0 is so good it would really be insanely hard to not recommend getting this!!

    • polygoniq

      about 1 year ago

      Thanks:) We are glad that the new system is getting properly used and tested. If you encounter any problems, let us know so we can fix them. If you have any ideas/requests feel free to message us on Discord. All the best, Adam from polygoniq

  • Christer Andersén
    over 1 year ago

    I have used ver. 5 for a while and am deeply impressed. The improvements are significant and I would recommend this addon every day of the week.

    • polygoniq

      about 1 year ago

      Thanks Christer, we're glad! The good thing is that now it's much easier for us to implement new features and improve the system as a whole! A lot more is coming to materialiq in the future! All the best, Adam

  • Tina Peterkova
    over 1 year ago

    I would totally recommend this product, its a game changer for all visual artists. Revolutionnary fast to use, perfectly organized, smart system that doesnt make your file size extend to enormous size. As an visual artist for architects, I appreciate richness of material selection in default settings, but also how easily editable they are, you can create every possible version in couple second. I would also highlight the perfect HDR lighting, Forest steamy is the favorite. Materialiq from Poligoniq its not only material library you once download, its a concept that keep improving and offering something better every season, keep up with the time. Also the other products- Botaniq, Traffiq and Aquatig providing the same quality.

  • g_taurus
    over 1 year ago

    Super job on this addon, great addon for easy flexible manage shaders from Materialiq.

    • polygoniq

      over 1 year ago

      Thank you! If you have any material/feature requests don't hesitate to let us know! Adam from polygoniq

  • Jan Kozerski
    over 1 year ago

    I have this plugin since long time in version 4. I was quite disappointed of materials qualities. There were oversaturated and not nicely tiled specially ground materials. Idea would be to use those material in simple way out of box-to much setting makes you loose time in setups. It was easier to find something free and online in BlenderKit. I read about version 5 and this looks from material part much better but unfortunately doesn't work at all in Blender 3.3 and 3.4. Pluging after installation doesnt show any panel.

    • polygoniq

      over 1 year ago

      Hi there Jan,
      We don't specify support for version 3.4 on the product page. However we use all our addons in Blender 3.3 on a daily basis, if you have problems with the panel not showing it is likely because you haven't updated our other addons before installing materialiq. We are improving how this update process works but for a while it's going to be a bit jaggedy. We're planning to deploy this improved update system in January/February.

  • Peter Nebelong
    over 1 year ago

    Dishonesty is one of the worst human trait I know of. Polygoniq promise free updates forever but then a little more than 1 year later they introduce a new highest tier that will get the updated 8K images only. In essence the product you bought has been degraded to second class and in the future it might get degraded to 3'rd class... Who knows.

    If you for instance bought Adobe photoshop with lifetime updates, and after a year they updated from 8 to 32 bit color (old times I know) but the 32 bit version was called "Photoshop ultra" and unfortunately you didn't buy that product, so no updates to you except for some new workflows that you don't need if you like to stick to native Blender workflows.

    I tried to communicate with polygoniq about this pretty obvious dishonesty but they basically told me that the alternative was to just abandon the product because everybody had already bought it (so they could only make more money if they screwed their customers).

    I have bought most of their products which come with the same promise, but I can feel where this is heading...

    I'm sure from my conversation with them that they will try their best to prove me wrong so they can keep on getting customers on false promises or they will do as they wrote in the last message, which is to go for a subscription model, just like Adobe. I'm sure though that they will have to put a little more effort into the update frequency and -quality if they want people to subscribe to that. For a business run by 15 people I think they could do better.

    This is my honest review after having tried to communicate to them that existing customers of highest tier should be upgraded to highest tier again but all I got was that they couldn't understand what I was talking about. I'm sure I'm not going to buy any more products from these people unless they realize that this actually is dishonesty which is not something anybody wants in the Blender community. Remember, they don't have to provide free updates to assets but then they of course cannot write that they do. They do need to provide "free" updates to fix bugs in code they sell and to fixes for Blender version updates for at least a year.

    I put a lot of thought into whether to write this or not and decided to do it because I for one don't want neither Blendermarket or Blender to become a place of greed and broken promises and I also want people new to the Blender community to know what free updates mean in the context of Polygoniq. Polygoniq, you get the last word...

    • polygoniq

      over 1 year ago

      Hi Peter, but we have upheld our obligation: you got materialiq 5 full for free - a massive update nearly 2 years in development - doesn't sound like abandoning addons to me. You messaged us to get the upgrade to ultra for free and after we didn't you gave us this review, which is hardly honest. Since materialiq is sold based on resolutions it made most sense to us to divide it this way, after all 8k is not that useful in most instances. If you don't like where our addons are heading please feel free to discuss with us on our Discord or request a refund for each of them, we will grant it. Adam from polygoniq

  • Pavel Beták
    over 1 year ago

    Materialiq was worth the price I bought it for. The addon did not receive new materials, but when I put it into the price/material ratio, it was really worth buying. Now they come with the fact that the price will depend on the quality (resolution), which I personally do not like to pay for the same materials over and over again. I would rather accept the final version. If they plan to do 16k, offer it now. Or if they don't want to offer free updates, I'd rather accept the materials pack, where I'll see the materials I'm paying for. Nothing from this is yet a reason for me to detract from the 5/5 rating, but the fact that they decided to move the addon from the menu to Npanel is the worst news. I assume that they did it because of the new functions, but at the moment the addon does not offer me the possibility to have other addons open in the n panel and open materialiq at the same time (archipack + materialiq+asset manager). So the addon that I used in the concept phase completely fails and I didn't notice if it works in the asset manager, because it doesn't work on my main PC, a collision with another addon. Unfortunately, I have about 40 addons and I don't want to look for which one is to blame, so I stay at 4.6. And of course they have great support, so 5/4 for me, if it's possible to use materials and hdri from assetmanager, it's 5/5, but I can't find out now.

    • polygoniq

      over 1 year ago

      Hi there Pavel, Regarding the N panel we're planning to offer the possibility of choosing where the addons show up. Regarding the Asset Browser we've just released the version 5.0.1 which supports that a week ago. When it comes to 16k, unfortunately our hardware can't handle 16k right now (it would overload our build system) and in any case it will take a long long time before that is really viable (and necessary) - also the ZIPs would be 90GB! All the best, Adam from polygoniq

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