Material Switch

by Wilphi Design in Addons

Elevate your workflow with the innovative Material Switch add-on. This essential tool allows 3D artists to streamline their creative process by quickly creating and managing multiple material setups. With a user-friendly interface, Material Switch facilitates the swapping of materials on any mesh object, enabling rapid visualization and comparison. Ideal for designers who need to fine-tune the aesthetic of their scenes, this add-on.  Whether you're working on intricate designs or large-scale projects, Material Switch is the perfect companion to enhance efficiency and unlock your creative potential.

How to:

To use the Material Switch addon, follow these steps:

1. Access the 'Material Switch' panel located in the side toolbar within the 3D Viewport.

2. Click on the '+' button next to 'Material Switch' to create a new switch.

3. Once a switch is created, it will appear with a default name like 'Material Switch.001'. You can rename this to your preference.

4. To add materials to this switch, press the '+' button below the materials list.

5. Select your desired material from the list that appears. This list is populated with materials currently available in your project.

6. To assign a switch to a material slot on an object, first select the object.

7. Find the material slot in the properties panel and select the material switch from the dropdown menu.

8. The material switch will now control the material slot, allowing you to switch materials as needed.

9. To change the active material of a switch, simply select it in the side panel 

you can decide whether to display the panel in the Designer Tools Category or in the Item category of the sidebar:


-Blender 4.1 Support


-bug fix: assign material switch not showing when using cycles is now fixed.

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