Material Pack Advanced

by HEYPictures in Surfacing

This is the advanced version of my procedural material pack for blender (most materials are Cycles+Eevee compatible.)
Procedural means that these are not resolution-limited pictures. And they have endless detail and no seams. (You can zoom endlessly, without pixels). You can also change all the properties of these materials in grouped shader nodes with defined properties to change. Some materials, those that make sense, are also animated.
This material pack was designed to cover as many topics as possible. And to give you premade setup materials, so you can fast create scenes without wasting time on creating them. In the future, this pack can be updated with a lot more materials. This material pack includes also all materials from the "simple material pack".
If you have an idea of what materials you will additionally need and want, give me feedback!
You will get a zip file that you have to unzip. Included is a .blend file that you can open in blender 3.0+. You can use and see the materials in the Asset Browser. You can also define this .blend file in your other projects as the Asset Library.

This advanced material pack includes:

  -Basic glass: white, red, green, blue, white+rough
  -Diamond: Emerald, Canary, Orchid, Ruby, Basic Crystal, Colorful Crystal
  -Fluid: Water big, Water small, Snowy water
  -Glas Refraction Shader -> 2 versions
  -Rain Shader, Rain Puddles
  -Other: Glas with a star pattern, Bubble, Oil, Marble

Cartoon(only Eevee):
-2step resolution:
  - blue+texture 1-3
  - dark+texture 1-3
  - green+texture 1-3
  - purple +texture 1-3
  - red + textures 1-3
  - white + textures 1-3

-6step resolution:
  - blue+texture 1-3
  - dark+texture 1-3
  - green+texture 1-3
  - purple +texture 1-3
  - red + textures 1-3
  - white + textures 1-3

  -Basic shiny / inverted
  -Bricks red & bw
  -Hexagons: watery, white, black

  -Ceramic Pattern 1-3,6-7
  -Ceramic Pattern Birds
  -Ceramic Pattern9 black, white
  -Ceramic Pattern 8
  Colors: red/green, orange/blue, purple/yellow, cyan/blue, beige/brown

 Colors: red, yellow, blue, green, white, purple
 +Two different fresnel preferences for each color
 + Animated Pattern for every color and fresnel type
 - Wireframe Shader thickness: 1,2

  - Lava
  - Ice dark, bright
  - Glitter big, small
  - Snow
  - Meat
  - 4 Colors of Skin
  - 2 Magic materials (Magic material that pulls everything to the origin. Complicated to explain. See yourself! It's my favorite :))
  - Planet Shader A, B ; World Shader ; Moon Shader
  - Reptile Skin
  - 2 Paper materials
  - 2 Glaced Noise Shaders

  - +2 more

  - Native Fabric: red, dark, bright, grey
  - Native Fabric Pattern
  - Wavy thread fabric: dark, white, Jeans
  - Woll: white, blue, brown, green, yellow, red, purple (Displacement only in Cycles)
  - Carbon Fiber
  - Kevlar half yellow, full yellow
  - Leather black, orange, red, white, brown
  - Fabric with seams grey, red/blue, yellow/blue, brown/flesh tones
  - Indian Pattern 1-3
  - 4 Rhinestone materials for dresses
  - 2 Tablecloth materials
  - 2 Padded Fabric

  - Super Suit Material
  - Funny Fish sponge :)

  - Basic Ground + Wet ground (Mudd)
  - Gras; half gras
  - Stylized Ground
  - Sand/Dunes
  - Forest Ground
  - Hexagon floor, marble
  - Mossy Forest Ground
  - Road with/without stripes
  - 3 Luxurious Floors
  - 2 Checker Floors

  - Blonde, Brown, White, Black Hair Material

  - Bronze, gold, blue, green, purple, red, silver
  - Rust; half rust
  - Silver Anisatrophic 0°, 45°, 90°, 135°
  - Pattern 1-4
  - Metal Grid + Distorted Metal Grid
  - Powder Coating black, white, silver
  - 6 Panel materials
  - Brushed Metall: silver, gold
  - Arrow Pattern
  - Clover Pattern

  - Colors: black, white, cyan, blue, purple, orange, red, green, yellow
  - Attributes: glossy(shiny), mat, medium mat, thick(no sss), thin(sss)
  - Pattern1-3
  - Hexagon Patter 1 black, white
  - Hexagon Patter 2 black, white
  - Camouflage Pattern
  - Oily Pattern

  - Pattern 1+2
  - Scifi Stars Pattern 1-4
  - Shield black, blue/silver, black+blue glow, light shield
  - Cell Fabric
  - SciFi Skin

  - Basic Stone: bright, dark
  - Firestone
  - Sandstone
  - Marble
  - Stone Floor
  - Gold Nugget

Smart (WIP):
  - Rust smart
  - SciFi smart
  - Wireframe Smart thickness: 1,2


  - Minecraft Gras-, Stone Shader
  - Stylized Shader


  - Brickwall
  - Kitchentiles


  - Basic wood: brown, bright
  - Planks: bright, dark, blue, green, red
  - Wood Floor: dark, bright
  - Birch

  - Basic Fog thin, thick, really thick
  - Fire'ish Volume
  - Volume Stars
  - Clouds
  - Soft Blur
  - Cell Generator Shader
  - Cube Rasterisation Shader
  - Glitch Shader (animated)
  - Cloud Wall

World Background:
- Simple Blue Sky
- Simple Universe
- Star Sky
- Sunrise

*Updated to version 1.3

Requests for more materials/patterns/colors are very welcome! ->

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Blender Version 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4
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