Mastering Blender In Vfx Production (Eng) - Module 1

by Proteus VFX School in Training

Blender is now it is part of professional CG world, it is used in large and small studios and thousands of artists from all over the world, development speed is very high and it becomes more and more complete and stable. Everyone talks about it, many artists choose to use and study it as the first 3D software, so here at Proteus we have prepared a unique course curriculum, we want to explain its functionality using it in a real production environment, working on scenes and shots as if you were part of a special effects team.                                     

We have defined a unique curriculum based on using Blender in production environment, each topic is explained with the creation of a complete short from start to finish in mind, each step is linked to the other.

The course is split into four modules so artists can plan learning path based on his knowledge, you can choose to start from scratch with the “Start” module 1 and then move to upcoming modules or you can wait to find new modules released on Blender Market in coming months.  

Module 1 Curriculum Outline

Module 1 "Start"  (This product)

  • User interface, Blender fundamentals
  • Hard surface modeling techniques and tools 
  • Preparing assets in a production environment
  • Adding details and Subdivision surfaces
  • Procedural modeling techniques
  • Modifiers, Boolean operators, Collections
  • 3D Sculpting techniques
  • Retopology and mesh optimization
  • Scene management, layers, set dressing, scene assembly
  • Populating set, scattering tools, natural environments
  • Bitmap and procedural textures
  • Texture painting
  •  PBR Shading introduction (Physically based rendering)
  • UV Mapping and UV Editing
  • Grease Pencil, beyond the 3D View

Upcoming modules Curriculum Outline

Module 2 "Look dev"  Q1 2021

  • Lighting techniques, color theory, image composition
  • Simulating complex surfaces with PBR Shaders
  • Rendering theory, using Eevee and Cycles in production
  • Managing layers and AOVs
  • Live action integration and image perspective matching
  • Stereo 3D rendering
  • Camera effects, Depth of Field and Motion blur
  • Volume rendering, (clouds, fire, smoke, etc. etc.)
  • Sub-surface Scattering
  • Fur/Hair rendering
  • Toon Shading techniques, cartoon rendering
  • Architectural rendering techniques
  • Advanced car rendering
  • Understanding sampling, quality VS speed

Module 3 "Animation" Q1 2021

  • Keyframe-based animation techniques
  • Curve editor tools
  • Animation features (NLA, Inverse kinematic, Forward kinematic)
  • Procedural animation techniques
  • Motion path and Shape keys
  • Animation nodes introduction
  • Rigging techniques, Constraints and Drivers
  • Skinning and Automatic Skinning, paint weighting and envelopes
  • Pose Editor

Module 4 "Visual Effects" Q2 2021

  • I/O features and interchange file formats
  • Caching techniques and advanced pipeline integration (Houdini, 3ds max, Maya, Megascans, Terragen, Gaea, Substance)
  • Rigid body and soft body dynamic, particle systems, VFX fundamentals
  • Managing VFX shots
  • Mesh breaking, destruction and demolition
  • Cloth simulation
  • Fluid simulation, (gas), creating clouds, smoke, fire and explosions
  • Fluid simulation, (liquid), water and liquids
  • Small-scale and large-scale simulation tips&tricks
  • Ocean/Sea simulation, seconday effects
  • Compositing fundamentals for pre-comp
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Published about 3 years ago
Blender Version 2.78, 2.79, 2.8, 2.81, 2.82, 2.83, 2.9
Length 20
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