Martha-Rigged Stylized Girl Character

by Cesar Leon in Models

Martha - Rigged Stylized Girl Character

The character has been modeled and rigged using AutoRig Pro and Faceit 2.2.30 addon in Blender 3.6

You can use the character even though you do not have the AutoRig Pro addon by installing Rig Tool addon in the product file.

The Faceit rig it´s for use with the face and Auto Rig Pro for use with the body. Will appear in the main window.

The face also has Auto Rig Pro bones, they're just hidden.
If you want to use the character only with Auto Rig Pro, you can activate the third layer in the type-rig editor to activate them.

And hide the Faceit rig.

I recommend not use both at the same time to avoid confusion. (But if you need to do it, go ahead)

So, you can use the character in Blender 3.6 and up.

In this product file, you will get: Rigged Stylized Girl

+ A Character with full-body, skirt, t-shirt, kicks, under wear, necklace, earrins, bracelet.

+ You can modify the color of the cloth and hair.

Thank you for the page view.

Dev Fund Contributor
Published 6 months ago
Blender Version 3.6
Render Engine Used Eevee
Misc Data Rigged, Textured
License Creative Commons
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