Fluid Simulation Made Easy
Speed, Power, Flexibility.

MantaPro is an addon for Blender that completely redefines the fluid simulation workflow.
One Panel, Every Setting
MantaPro moves and reorganizes all the settings into one panel in the 3D viewport. No other editors needed!
Always Active Simulation
Say goodbye to the days of constantly selecting the domain, flows, effectors, or force fields just to make a small adjustment. With MantaPro, they are always selected, so you always have access to every setting.
Quick Setup Presets
Why Build the same base simulation multiple times when you just need to adjust a few settings. That's why MantaPro has a powerful Quick Setup system. You can even create your own.
Multiple UIs
Too many settings. Simplify it. With 3 separate UI modes: default, simplified, and Blender, MantaPro makes it easy to learn and use fluid simulation.
Ember Particle System
Quickly add and adjust realistic Ember particles for both liquid and fire simulations.
Paint Fire and Smoke
Start painting fire and smoke simulations in one click, streamlining the workflow for faster and more artistic freedom
Clear replay cache
After adjusting the simulation, the replay cache needs to be cleared. Normally, this would interrupt the workflow and require the manual adjustment of the current frame. Now just press one button or use a simple shortcut! (CTRL+R)
Liquid Particle tools
Add and adjust spray, foam, and bubble particles quickly and with ease, using specialized tools.
- Fast setup and particle linking,
- Easily change particle size,
- Quickly toggle particle viability,
- Custom particle support
And Much More: This is only 8 of the many features MantaPro has to offer, and MantaPro is under continual development. Its feature set will continue to improve with feedback from the community. A full list of feature is available below.

What's New in MantaPro 1.3
- NEW Effect Workspace
- NEW Vertex Modify Effect
- NEW Ocean to Liquid Effect
- IMPROVED Ember effect
- FIXED Display Panel
- UI Improvements
- Learn More
Why MantaPro?
When the Mantaflow simulation solver was first added to Blender back in 2.82, we were excited to finally have a modern, powerful, and easy way to make fluid simulations in Blender by default. However, we were quickly disappointed. We soon realized that although it was powerful, it had many small inconveniences that made making fluid simulations hard and tedious. MantaPro sets out to fix that with speed, power, and flexibility.

Speed: MantaPro makes building and testing fluid simulations much faster

Power: MantaPro gives you the full power of Mantaflow (blenders default fluid solver) while giving you access to extra tools to up your simulation game.

Flexibility: MantaPro was designed to allow you to do anything to and with your fluid simulation. Any weird tricks, other addons, and collaborating are not problems with MantaPro.

See MantaPro in Action

We ❤️ Blender

MantaPro is Designed to work with Blender in a non-intrusive way. You can use your own particles, materials, assets, and addons, in addition to the built-in assets and materials.

In addition, we have committed to giving a portion of each sale to the Blender Development Fund in order to give back to the community!

Long Term Support (LTS)

MantaPro is following Blender's LTS release cycle and will continue to support LTS releases with bug fixes and an occasional back-port of the latest features.

What MantaPro Can Do

MantaPro has many features and tools that can speed up your workflow.
Here is a full list of features that can be found in MantaPro.

    User Interface

  • One panel, every setting
  • Always active simulation objects
  • Three UI modes
    • Full, Simplified, and Blender User Interfaces
  • Sync viewport selection with lists
  • Always operates in the context of an active domain, flow, effector, or force.
  • Default properties for new simulations

    Cache Tools

  • Move cache
  • Clear replay cache (Shortcut: Ctrl+R)
  • Lock baked cache

    Domain Display Options

  • Toggle domain bounds
  • Display domain bounds

    Advanced Liquid Particle tools

  • Ability to link pre-made particles to the simulation
  • Ability to quick toggle particle visibility
  • Ability to adjusts particle size
  • Ability to link and unlink particle size
  • Ability to have custom particle objects

    Ember particle system

  • Ember force particles
  • Ember particle material

    Ocean tools

  • Convert ocean to liquid

    Painting tools

  • Paint fire and smoke on objects
  • Modify painted vertex groups

    Fire and smoke texture tools

  • Automatically setup texture in one click
  • Automatically animates texture offset

    Flow and effector display options

  • Ability to set display type
  • Ability to Disable in renders
  • Ability to set transparent material

    Liquid and water material

  • Edit your liquid or water material in the 3D viewport
  • IOR (Index of Refraction) reference
    • Opens a website that lists many IOR values for different types of materials

    Fire and smoke material

  • Edit your fire or smoke material in the 3D viewport
  • Automatically set to material fire
  • Flame+
    • More advanced flame material
  • Multi Color
    • Allows for multi-color smoke

More is on the Way (Coming Soon)

MantaPro is a constantly developing tool. There are many more ideas that we would love to add in the future. Here are a few that you can expect to see soon.
- Control fire or smoke painting using objects
- Improved materials
- UI improvements
- More default settings
- Explode tools
- Better painting tools

Have a great idea for MantaPro? We would love to hear it.
Feel free to contact us through the Blender Market