Magic Eye Maker

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symbol modelling addon

- Fixed an attribute error for 'Render Quality' which messed up the 'Set up nodes' button
- Fixed bad zip of included custom noise images


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Why 'baccei' - check this lovely design history article: Magic Eye design history

Remember Magic Eye pictures, also known as stereograms? As a 90's kid I sure do. Well, now you can make them - in Blender!

This addon leverages the the power of the Blender compositor to turn rendered depth maps into Magic Eye pictures.


Use Blender internal noise or upload your own custom noise images.

Quickly add help text / dots to assist your frustrated friends.

Based on Vanilla Blender compositor nodes so you can share the file / uninstall the addon without fear or breaking your work.

Make an animation!

*I did not make this video but it still deserves to be shared as there are few animated stereograms currently and the prospect excites me - though I haven't tried it yet (render times zzZZzzZZ)

Notes on speed

The Compositor is NOT fast. It is best to develop a specific work flow and zen-like patience when making images. My suggestion are:

- Check the 'Option' panel in the compositor. It may be useful for you to change your 'Render' and 'Edit' settings to Medium rather than High. I have found that Low can destroy images, but it may work for you.
- Chunksize may help speed but depends on your machine and is subject to testing on your own hardware.

- Better suggestions for speed are workflow based. Whilst working it is best to set your image resolution lower in the 'output' panel. Then, when you have desired results - set the resolution higher again and wait.

Other Tips

If images are looking 'faceted' like so:

Try closing your eyes for a few seconds to 'reset' your view. Then look again at the image.

- Can't see Magic Eyes without your brain melting?

This page might help:

How to view Magic Eye pictures?

- You can use this site to 'solve' your Magic Eye images:
Magic Eye Solver



- There is a great Reddit community for creating, sharing and learning about Magic Eye images here:
Reddit Magic Eye Group

- Low Poly / Simpler scenes work best.

- Since Blender's compositor is slow to 'cancel' - it is best to use the 'pause compositing' button before changing settings and resuming compositing.

- Your 'noise' pattern should be have constant detail. Large blurry areas or patches of pure color will not work well.

Quick Use Guide

The addon is incredibly simple with FAQ's / tips built in. So, in leu of a full documentation guide, here is the process of using the addon. 


  • The Blender compositor is often VERY SLOW so patience is required. Once I have dialed in my settings it can take up to two minutes to fully composite the Magic Eye image.

  • Each scene is unique and there is no 'one-size-fits-all' setting. Each time you create a new scene and use the addon, you will need to take time to dial your desired settings.

Note of appreciation

This addon was made with Serpens - that addon is incredible; the people and community surrounding it are so kind patient and helpful - thank you.

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Published 3 months ago
Blender Version 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6
License GPL
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