Magic Coordinate

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What does Magic Coordinate?

Magic Coordinate maintains the scaling of your procedural textures consistently across different object ratios while sharing the same material. It supports deformations through armature modifier and other non-destructive mesh deforming workflows. You don’t even need bothering applying the scale transformations as it auto normalizes the stretching on the fly!

It helps taking your 3D procedural textures further down the pipeline, skipping UVs and Baking as much as possible. A simple and yet powerful tool, specially when dealing with animated characters with multiple objects, avoiding redundancy of materials and minimizing overall tweaking. Ultimately, increases your productivity while focusing on the things that matter and allowing you to have more fun on the look development process!

Why is it needed?

The reason behind its development is that the Object, Generated and Rest Position coordinates have a lot of limitations and they are useful only in specific conditions. It makes the texture mapping process counter intuitive, cumbersome and fragile so the goal is taking the best of each coordinate, unifying it and expand the functionalities from there.

UVs, in the other hand, need a lot of preparation steps that may break if geometry changes are introduced, so we may want to postpone this process or stay away completely from it whenever possible. The advantage is also reflected on avoiding baking stages, as with Magic Coordinate, the material can be used in animated characters while preserving all its procedural capabilities, easily opening the doors for animated materials under deforming geometry circumstances, seamlessly!

How to use it?

The workflow happens in two basic steps, regardless the order taken:

  • Setting the modifier and;
  • Using the nodegroup as coordinate input.


No stretching;
no scale inconsistencies;
no UVs;
no baking!
Keep it live, keep it flowing!

Let’s take a deeper look?

Unlock the full potential of 3D procedural materials!

Magic Coordinate will help you taking better advantage of the abundance of procedural materials in the market and making the use much more versatile in your projects, spending less effort and time on mapping these into your objects while keeping the project tidy, avoiding material redundancy.

Features Comparison & Limitation

Magic Coordinate provides advantages right off the bat in comparison to Object, Rest Position Attribute and Generated coordinates as shown in the table below:

Only if Shape Keys are necessary, the user has to manually activate Shape Keys Support on the Set Magic Coordinate modifier for the specific object(s). This drops Normalized Mapping and Object Scale Auto Normalization features. We recommend using the offset parameters available in the modifier to visually compensate for eventual distortions.

Let’s showcase the use?!

Manual & Instructions

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Blender Version 4.1, 4.0, 3.6, 3.5, 3.4, 3.3, 3.2, 3.1, 3.0
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