M142 Himars Multiple Rocket Launcher

by Atmasforme in Models


High. Mobility. Artillery. Rocket. System. (light multiple rocket launcher)

This Set includes 16 separated objects what entirely represent M142 HIMARS can be used in your scene, in different 3dsoft.

Main Idea / value of project was Mesh itself Similarity to real truck, for still/animated renders (I'd say goal reached up to ~75% precision, to real life object).

After analyzing about 900pics of this truck, (making reference boards)...

I’ve realized that it’s almost impossible to find good images of bottom view,

So Entire model is pretty! similar to Real life truck, except the bottom part of chassis.

Not trying to hype on Ukrainian theme, as soon as I saw this military truck in war.. for the first time, 

I was interested about how amazing it looks from design view (shapes, materials...Tonns of elements.. it was a challenge to model it).

3D Models made in 2016 max, saved as 2013, max scene file + 3DS, OBJ, FBX, Blender2.92, Rendered in Corona 2.0

High Poly, Unwraped, pretty good for subdivide, not for game engines. 

Quads & Triangles, and Real-world scale, all objects are made according photo references, as far as possible.

Model have simple materials (not pretend to pbr) maps componence (1k/2k/4k) + material library file for Corona2/ Vray5/ Blender.

Entire model is separated in such a way that gives ability to drag/rotate..

Pivot points in center, bottom or rotation axis of objects.

Polys: 1983239

Verts: 2103045

All objects are named:

1. M142_HIMARS_Badges

2. M142_HIMARS_Cab

3. M142_HIMARS_Cables

4. M142_HIMARS_Chassis

5. M142_HIMARS_Electrics

6. M142_HIMARS_Launcher_Platform

7. M142_HIMARS_Launcher_Pod_Module

8. M142_HIMARS_Lifting_Legs

9. M142_HIMARS_Lifting_Piston

10. M142_HIMARS_Rockets_6Pack

11. M142_HIMARS_Wheel_Front_L

12. M142_HIMARS_Wheel_Front_R

13. M142_HIMARS_Wheel_Middle_L

14. M142_HIMARS_Wheel_Middle_R

15. M142_HIMARS_Wheel_Rear_L

16. M142_HIMARS_Wheel_Rear_R

Published 7 months ago
Blender Version 2.92
Render Engine Used Cycles, Eevee
Misc Data Uvs-Unwrapped, Low-High-Resolution, Textured
License Royalty Free
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