Low Poly Rocket Launch Complex 3D Models Blender

by shakiroslan in Models

Low Poly Rocket Launch Complex 3D Models Blender

A Low Poly Rocket game asset is 3d model library pack that is to help you create low poly space or rocket environment in your game or low poly orthographic 3d scenes. This pack is mainly designed for AR/VR/mobile phone/low poly 3d games or low poly 3d scenes.

  • Low Poly Design
  • Versatile 3D Model Library
  • AR/VR Optimization
  • Mobile-Friendly Performance
  • Tailored for Low Poly 3D Games
  • Educational and Simulation Potential

It contains modern and historic rockets. Each rocket has separable parts and stages for you to simulate the real rocket launch sequence or do it whatever you want with your physics and imaginations. You just have to put it in your basket if you're interested to have it in your asset library.

Available in Blend, Unity package, FBX, OBJ

In The Package

-Sample scene-
-90 prefabs-
-Separable staging rockets-


Bridge, Control tower, Crawlerway(5), Flag pole, Fuel tank(2), Hangar(5), Headquater, Landing pad(2), Launch area(4), Launchpad(3), Launch ring, Launch tower, Lightning arrester(2), Mission control building, Path, Pipe(6), Platform, Ring, Rocket erector, Runaway, SpotLight pole, Station Dish(3), Tracking Station, Vertical assembly building, Water tank(2)


Rockets(20), Car(3),Aeroplane, Train(2)


Cloud(4), Island, Landscape(5), Ocean

No animation & script included