Low Poly Modular Cemetery Pack With Pbr Materials

by Nevermore Graphics in Models

  • Game-ready
  • Compatible with Spring/Autumn foliage pack
  • Grass and dirt textures included, you can separate them with a matte.
  • Diffuse, Metal, Roughness, Normal and Translucency maps in PBR metalness workflow, along with a few mattes.
  • Completely modular and flexible.
  • Roots are exposed, so you can make them stick out as much as you want for realism, depending on your scene.
  • Includes 5 different grass patches, 4 different trees (2 small, 2 medium-large) based on oaks, 6 loose, dry leaves, a clump of grass, 2 clumps of weed, 5 flowers, ground textures with and without grass, 7 tombstones, an angel with removable shrowd and 2 skins, a recently dug grave, an open grave, a pile of dirt and a coffin with 2 skins.
  • 4k and 2k textures
  • Everything is organized in easy to sort-through folders with easily understandable names.
  • All modules can easily snap together and can be combined in any number of combinations.