Low Poly House Pack

by FMV Arts in Models

Hi, how are you? You must be a game developer, am I right? I'm sure you are coming here seeking assets for your game, animation project or whatever you are making. These houses in medieval style are excellent choices, especially because they have a LOD (Level of Detail) ready. It is helpful in the the development of any game because when something is far away it doesn't need much detail. LOD will benefit your game and leave it lighter and more compatible with various devices.
You can do more than you think!
You already know that 3 houses are enough to make a city appear varied. If you want more, you can edit the textures for the houses that come with the pack. As mentioned earlier, this comes with LOD. This is annoying to set up, having to redo objects and textures. See the image below:
Why Should I Buy?
Whether a large or small business you must have a deadline, and generally tight deadlines. Because this pack has LOD you will save a lot of time. (It took me at least 2 to 4 hours for each house, not to mention the LOD) If you work 5 to 8 hours a day it will save you days of time!