Lipid Membrane Model Pack

by Jack Kaiser in Models

Cells and most viruses contain a lipid membrane. So if your project involves the molecular scale of life, there is a good chance you're going to need a lipid membrane. The correct 3D structure of a lipid membrane is hard to come by. So oftentimes the lipid membrane is simplified to complete the project. With this pack, you have the correct structure. Adding another level of professionalism and credibility to your project. 

This pack includes three sets of 30 lipids for making a realistic lipid membrane in Blender. Preview, Atoms, and Surface.

Lipid Preview


"Preview" is a low-resolution version of the lipid models. It is primarily for previewing your scene with the lipid particles. Once you are happy with the amount and size of the lipids in your scene, switch the particle group to your prefered representation.

Lipid Atoms


"Atoms" is a high-resolution version of the lipid models. With each atom represented as a sphere, this representation is best for close-ups of the cell membrane with membrane-bound proteins. 

Lipid Surface


"Surface" is a mid-resolution version of the lipid models. By merging the atoms together, this representation is great for wide-shots of a virus or a landscape of the surface of a cell. 

Update: Lipid Pack V2
Optimization of the Lipid Atoms models. Reducing vertex count from 3 million to 500 thousand. Allowing for proper subdivision of the mesh and enabling subsurface scattering.