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Lights, Mat, Pats, Action!

What started out as simple way for me to add light patterns into my scene has turned into a library of assets that could be useful to anyone wanting to add lights, mats, or patterns to their projects. Honestly it's not hard to do, it just takes a lot of time.

What do you get?

The full library consists of over 55 patterns that each come in 3 forms— Light Textures (spotlights), Mats (Procedural Shaders), Pats (Tileable Procedural Shaders)— ready to drag and drop into your scene. You'll also have access to 60+ node groups so you can add them to any shader you want. 

Light Textures

Procedural Mats

Procedural Patterns

Customize Your Look

Everything is adjustable within the node trees or side panel. If something isn't looking that way you want it just tweak it.

Objects above are from GeoShapes and included in the demo file.

The Road Ahead

As I dive deeper the library will expand. 

The bigger the library and more functionality is added, the price will increase.

You will get ALL content FREE, FOREVER!

Known Issues:

  • Light textures only work in Cycles

This is a big project, so please report any bugs or issues you have through Blender Market and I will respond ASAP.

Love Geometry?

Checkout some geometry node products that work great with Lights, Mats & Pats.

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