Light-X Pro

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Light-X Pro - Intuitive Lighting for Blender

Light-X Pro is an add-on that aims to streamline and enhance the lighting workflow in Blender. With Light-X Pro

Light List

  • Light List Section: Presents a list of lights or light collections, with controls for adding, removing, and toggling between light and collection
  • Light Color: This property allows you to adjust the strength of the light.
  • Light intensity: This property allows you to adjust the strength of the light.  
  • Selecting the light: This button allows you to select light in the viewport
  • Visibility: Hiding/unhiding the light in the viewport.
  • Solo light: Isolate a specific light for exclusive viewing by enabling solo mode.
  • Track Object: (if light track an object, a button to delete the tracking constraint is shown).




Light Group

  • Manages Light Groups: This panel creates, edits, and manipulates light groups in a 3D scene.
  • Provides UI for Light Group List: It offers a UI (User Interface) element in the form of a list to display the light groups.
  • Edits Light Group Properties: Through this list, users can edit various properties of each light group, including its name, color, and intensity.
  • Enables Light Group Manipulation: The panel allows users to add new light groups, remove existing groups, and add or remove lights from a particular group.


Camera List

  • Camera List Section: Presents a list of cameras or camera collections, with controls for adding, lock camera to view, and toggling between camera and collection
  • Focal Length: Adjust camera focal length
  • Toggle camera view: Switch between cameras with previews
  • Camera Lens: Adjust camera Sensor width
  • Selecting the camera: This button allows you to select camera in the viewport
  • Track Object: (if camera track an object, a button to delete the tracking constraint is shown)



Camera Switch

  • Displays Camera Switches: This panel shows a list of all the camera switches defined in the current scene.
  • Highlights Current Camera: The camera switch corresponding to the current frame is visually highlighted to easily identify the active camera.
  • Camera and Frame Properties: For each camera switch, you can see the camera object it references and its assigned frame number.
  • Reorder Camera Switches: The up and down arrow buttons (^) (v) next to the frame number allow you to move the camera switch up or down in the list, changing the order in which they are activated during playback.
  • Remove Camera Switch: The "X" button next to the frame number allows you to easily delete a camera switch from the list.
  • Add New Camera Switch: If there are currently no camera switches defined, a button with a plus sign (+) is displayed to quickly add a new one.


Render Settings

  • Main Render Settings:

    • Render Engine: Choose the rendering engine to be used (e.g., Cycles, Eevee).
    • Device (Cycles only): Specify the hardware device to be used for rendering with Cycles (CPU, GPU, etc.).
    • Resolution: Set the output image dimensions (width and height) and scaling percentage.
    • FPS (Frames Per Second): Define the frame rate for animation renders.

    • Subpanels:
    • Color Management: Provides settings for color management during rendering.
      • View Transform: Defines how colors are transformed from the scene's linear space to the view space.
      • Look: Controls the overall look of the rendered image (e.g., Filmic, Artistic).
      • Exposure: Adjusts the overall brightness of the rendered image.
      • Gamma: Sets the gamma correction for the final image.
    • Output Settings: Configure the output file for the rendered image.
      • Path: Specify the location and filename for the rendered image.
      • Image Settings: Access settings related to image format (PNG, JPEG, etc.), compression, and color depth.
    • World Settings: Control the environment settings that affect the rendered scene.
      • Transparent Film: Enables background transparency for the rendered image.
      • World Color (if Background node exists): Set the background color of the scene.
      • Add Quick Fog (if no fog present): Quickly add a fog volume to the scene. (Button disabled if fog already exists)



          • Studio Management:
            • Add a new studio setup to the scene.
            • Clear the current studio setup from the scene.
          • Advanced Volumetric Control (if "s18" studio is selected):
            • Assuming "Advanced Volumetric" material exists:
              • Edit the "Volume Color" of the Principled Volume node within the material.
            • For Noise Texture nodes:
              • Adjust the "Scale," "Detail," and "Roughness" properties to control the noise pattern.
            • For Color Ramp nodes (with at least 2 elements):
              • Modify the "Interpolation" type for color blending.
              • Edit the color and position of the first two color ramp elements.




                  • Emission Material List:
                    • Dynamically displays all materials in the scene that utilize an Emission shader node within their node tree.
                    • Provides immediate visual identification of the currently assigned emission material to the active object (if any).
                    • Optimized for clear presentation with a designated display height of three rows.
                  • Contextual Awareness:
                    • In the absence of an active object selection, the panel gracefully informs the user with a dedicated message.
                  • Material Absence Notification:
                    • A clear and concise message is displayed if no materials in the scene currently employ an Emission shader.
                  • Material Creation and Assignment:

                    • Add Emission Material Button:
                      • Offers a prominent and easily accessible button to swiftly create a new material with an Emission shader, readily assignable to the active object.
                    • Batch Assign Material Button (Optional):
                      • (If included) This feature provides a convenient option for assigning the active material to multiple selected objects simultaneously, streamlining the workflow.


                    Published about 1 month ago
                    Blender Version 4.1, 4.0, 3.6
                    License GPL
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