Liberty Floor Lamp

by ddesign in Models

Each element has been conveniently named for easy recognition, render setup is organized into layers. The point light which illuminates the lamp and drives traslucency on the lamp shade, has been put on layer five to avoid confusion (due to its position it is easy to miss)

To move the plug use the empty called "plug driver" and move it as you would with any other object: the plug will follow it along the attached end of the cord. You can use the other two empties to twist the cord and create a realistic-looking wire.

Final render uses the filmic log-encoding free addon: you can find more information and the addon itself here

Original textures are from and are royalty free and usable in commercial products, here' s the full license

HDRI (also royalty free) is from Open Footage and is under a CC-by 4.0 license

The render setup also uses a digital camera photograph, which was taken by me and is protected material. You can use it free of charge but not redistribute it in any form. Copyright belongs to: Francesco di Buono 2016