Leaves Textures Collection Pack 1

by LeleDaRevine in Surfacing

Set of 5 different cut-out leaves textures. You can't find other sets of leaves textures with such a variety for each kind and so high resolution. Each set consists in 4 cut-out leaves at high resolution (4096px, each single leaf is about 2000px high) disposed regularly in a square canvas. Each texture is png with transparency, and is provided with the alpha texture too, but in Cycles you can use the alpha channel of the texture directly. All the leaves are placed so that their stems start in the same point of the textures. This make them all interchangeable without the need of modify the leaf model. See pack 2 for more leaves: https://cgcookiemarkets.com/blender/all-products/leaves-textures-collection-pack-2/


This kind of texture is ideal to be used with a particle system. You have to create a group of 4 leaf models, each of them unwrapped on a quadrant of the texture, so that each plane corresponds to a single leaf of the texture. The leaves mesh's pivot must correspond with each leaf stem. Use the same material for all the 4 planes. Now make the tree emit the group of leaves randomly. You'll get a tree with 4 different leaves emitted. A blend file is provided with an example setup of a simple tree with particle system and a base shader where plug the leaves textures, and a scheme-texture to help you unwrap each mesh correctly.


This are the leaves type included in this pack:

  • Beech leaves: good for big and green forest trees.
  • Ivy leaves: a classic, always good to put a green touch of nature to every kind of scene.
  • Ignote dark reddish leaves: good for city trees and to give a touch of elegance to you exterior scenes.
  • Fig tree leaves: good for giving a tropical feeling to your scene and for monumental trees.
  • Chestnut leaves: an unusual leaf shape to be original.
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Published almost 10 years ago
Blender Version 2.6x, 2.7x
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