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Physical Puddles Pro Addon

One-Click Physical Puddles Pro for Blender lets you create realistic puddles with a single click. Customize puddle size, depth, and ripples, and generate dynamic rain effects and drips. Enhance your scenes with advanced PBR materials and manual or proximity-based puddle placement. Transform your projects with stunning water realism.

Physical Grass Scatter And Draw : Real-Time Physics

Physical Grass Scatter for Blender 4.0+ elevates your landscapes with realistic grass physics and easy scattering. Create vibrant ecosystems ready for animation or high-quality renders.

Key Features:

  • Simulated Grass Physics: Realistic interactions with a single click.
  • Effortless Scattering and Drawing: Quick setup for efficient grass placement.
  • Collision Detection: Prevents clipping with other objects.
  • Interactive Wind Control: Customize grass sway for dynamic environments.

Fauna Sketcher | Procedural Insects & Birds Motion

Fauna Sketcher for Blender lets you draw realistic and procedural insects and birds along custom curves using geometry nodes. Create lifelike, animated scenes with ease.

Key Features:

  • Realistic Movement: Animate insects and birds with natural, procedural motion.
  • Custom Paths: Draw and control movement paths with precision.
  • Geometry Nodes: Utilize advanced node setups for dynamic animations.

Transform your 3D environments with Fauna Sketcher, adding lifelike wildlife animations effortlessly.

Winterify Deluxe

Winterify Deluxe transforms your Blender scenes into stunning winter landscapes effortlessly. Utilize procedural assets and photorealistic scans to create snowdrifts, frosty surfaces, and icy textures in minutes.

Key Features:

  • Snowbrush Simulation: Turn your scenes into winter with realistic snow effects.
  • Snow PhysX: Real-time snow impact animations using simulation nodes.
  • Static Snow Impact: Perfect for static renders with realistic snow modeling.
  • Shader Nodegroups: Quickly create winter materials.
  • Roads and Borders Generator: Easily draw snowy roads.
  • Extensive Assets: Over 100 items, including trees, scans, and VFX.

Create immersive winter scenes quickly and easily with Winterify Deluxe.

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