Quick Message! Layer Creator is taking major changes. Full rewrite of the original script is in progress. What's new? Additional nondestructive functionality is being added as well as major changes to the blending, colors, and most importantly the layer system. Also, painting tools are being implemented including mask tools, preset brushes and textures. I am working hard to get the next version out to you all. Expect the next release by Jan 31st 2023! Happy blending :) 


  •  Working with layers in Blender can be a tricky and time-consuming process. I've designed Layer Creator with that problem in mind. Start from a blank canvas and paint your own textures, or paint/mix existing textures from your files.
  • At the start of my Blender journey, I wasted a lot of time overcomplicating simple tasks and I've since learned workflow efficiency is an area of importance. This is the core principle behind Layer Creator. My goal is to eliminate as much back-and-forth between different Blender areas and panels as possible so you can focus on the important tasks.
  • View all your layers and images on one panel similar to an Adobe application workflow.
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  • One of the addons key features is the layer manager display list, with a list of all image nodes (per material) displayed on the addons panel. Also included in the panel is a one stop for saving or packing all images in your setup and viewing the filepath.
  • Create infinite layers and watch the shader node graph dynamically build itself! At default settings, every new layer added is now the overlapping layer. For example, this allows you to start with a base skin color and add additional skin features of your choosing. 
  • Dynamic N-panel settings. Depending on the current settings of the active layer, relevant settings will appear. This includes the modification of the linkage of nodes, node settings and more.
  • Mix your textures. You may want to start with images from an external source and mix them. With the Custom Mask feature, Layer Creator will automatically apply a texture that acts as a mask, and you can then paint your own blending or overlapping of the two. One useful example would be painting rust onto a metal surface. 
  • MORE. If you want at the details check out the documentation page. 


1.01- Fixed issue where custom images wouldn't switch images when using the switch layer button
1.01- Fixed issue where material would be created but not assigned to objects other than mesh, curves, surfaces, and text
1.01- Added "Existing material" button at the top of the panel that allows users to easily add to custom materials they have already created. This was possible beforehand, but you needed to copy and paste the materials name into the addons material input. 
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Blender Version 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3
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