Laser Blaster Effect V1

by Cartesian Caramel in Modifier Setups

A laser blaster effect for Blender 4.0 or later.

This effect spawns dynamic lasers that will explode into blasts of light on impact.

Controls for the effect are in the modifier tab. Controls include parameters such as fire rate, speed, lifetime, laser color, and collision collection.

Lasers will properly collide with any objects inside of the chosen collection. This can lag if you have extremely high poly objects.

Materials are on the referenced Laser, Impact, and Flash objects.

All demo videos are rendered in EEVEE, but Cycles will work as well.

This uses simulation nodes, so the effect automatically caches. This is shown with the purple bar on the timeline. Changes in the effect will show when the cache refreshes.

You can easily copy or append an object with the effect into your scene.

Please note that this is a object/modifier, not an addon.

The effect will work in Blender 4.0 or later.

Sales 10+
Published 4 months ago
Blender Version 4.0
License Royalty Free
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