Kitchen Island

by Pinnacle Studio in Models

๐Ÿ“‘ Documentation:


Welcome to our Kitchen Island Blender file! This documentation will guide you through the features and usage of our 3D model.

File Contents:

  • Kitchen_Island.blend: The main Blender file containing the Kitchen Island model.
  • Render Folder: High-quality renders showcasing the scene.
  • Texture Folder: Neatly organized collection of textures used in the scene, facilitating easy customization.

Scene Usage:

  • Open the "Kitchen_Island.blend" file in Blender.
  • Explore the scene to view the Kitchen Island design from different perspectives.
  • Customize and modify the scene as needed for your projects.

Additional Notes:

  • Remember to save your progress regularly while working on the Blender file.
  • Experiment with lighting, textures, and materials to enhance the realism of your renders.

Legal Information:

  • This 3D model is provided for personal and commercial use, with proper attribution.
  • Redistribution or resale of this model is strictly prohibited without prior consent.
  • For any further inquiries, don't hesitate to reach out to us at

Happy blending!

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