Kitchen Backsplash Tiles. Collection

by soundsbeard in Models


in this bundle you may find:

- 4 packs of ready to use tiles for kitchen backsplash or floor.

you can use them as is or bake them to a plane for a game engine.  
grout is included in each pack.
links to pictures used in the collection are inside each file.

- tile templates : solid or cracked, clean or dirty.

use this template to create single tiles 10x10cm with your own design.  
combine them into funky pattern for kitchen backsplash or floor and bake it.
you may choose solid tile or 3 variants of cracks, clean or dirty, you can add picture (you should prepare maps first) or you can leave it with single color.  
grout is included.

step by step instructions are inside the blender file or in this video tutorial:  

- sculpts of tiles and grout.

sculpts used for normal maps for tiles collection.  
you can modify them if you are not satisfied with provided normal maps.
includes 1 solid tile, 3 cracked tiles and grout.

- prebaked planes with tiles for game engines.

prebaked sets of tiles 5x5.  
maps 2048px:  
normal ogl  

each set is just a plane.  
you can use it in your favorite game engine.  
or you can bake your own set using tiles collection. 

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Published over 2 years ago
Blender Version 2.9
Render Engine Used cycles, eevee
License Creative Commons
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