Khaos: Ultimate Explosion Add-On


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  • Youssef Hossam 13 days ago

    Really Cool!

  • Nawid 26 days ago

    Amazing Add-on. Love it.

    • Joseph Hamilton 25 days ago

      Thanks for the great review Nawid!

  • Maurus Streit about 2 months ago

    This is a very good addon, especially the Fireshader looks very realistic. But unfortunately in my simulation i dont get a round explosion, there is a firetrail for every particle. Can someone PLEASE help me?!

    • Joseph Hamilton about 2 months ago

      Hi Maurus, Thank you for the review. Are you using Blender 2.9 by any chance? 2.9 has glitches within mantaflow last time I checked and could be causing your issue.

  • Thomas W. Richter about 2 months ago

    Great for Cycles but still lacking support for Eevee Blender 2.90

    • Joseph Hamilton 25 days ago

      Hey Thomas, Thanks for the review and input. Yes eevee is a bit tricky to render volumetrics. Once mantaflow doesn't have any glitches in 2.9 we will release KHAOS for 2.9.

  • tristram2k 3 months ago

    This is one of the best (realistic) and most intuitive explosion generators around. Definitely worth the investment!

    • Joseph Hamilton about 2 months ago

      Hi Tristram, Thank you for the kind review! Will be creating updates for this add-on and more tutorials using it as well!

  • Paul Euvrard 5 months ago

    I can recommend this very easily, made a beginner mistake and the response was quik and got it sorted and now everything is working fine
    KHAOS is one of the addons that actually work and for a change, the YouTube tutorials actually complement the add on and is really good.
    Love it

    • Joseph Hamilton 5 months ago

      Thanks for the review Paul! Glad to help you figure it out. And yes trying to make as many tutorials as we can to complement the add-on! More coming soon!

  • Raffaele 6 months ago

    Essential addon, constantly improved, very useful !!

    • Joseph Hamilton 6 months ago

      Thanks Raffaele! Always excited to see your latest explosions!

  • Justin Green 6 months ago

    Really want to like this add on, I have been able to use it with some success but unfortunately I can not add any particle emitters. When I try to I get an error message, really disappointing because I think this would be a fantastic add on. If anyone has any suggestions to fix this I would really appreciate it. I message the developer about it and they said they would get back to me, but I haven't heard anything in a few months.

    • Joseph Hamilton 6 months ago

      Hi Justin, Sorry about this it must have gotten mixed up in our inbox. I am searching for your message now.

  • Emad Al Najjar 6 months ago

    Awesome !, The KHAOS! Addon is one of the best I've ever seen, keep going.

    • Joseph Hamilton 6 months ago

      Thanks for the great review Emad!

  • Nangil 8 months ago

    This add-on doesn't work on Linux. When I click on Directional Burst has an error.

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