Jusu Toon Shader Pack

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What is Jusu?

Jusu is the most inexpensive & best collection of toon and NPR shaders made by JoJuice, all combined into an easy shader pack. The shader pack works in real time with Eevee, and only Eevee.

All materials have easy to use custom nodes(node group) that you can easily use with the asset browser.

Features of Jusu.

The main feature is the easy to use nodes and materials. The features for ease of use include: asset browser compatibility, real-time rendering in Eevee, 3d materials, 2d materials, Manga Module Materials(M.M.M.), and addon shaders. As well, any customer who purchases Jusu is entitled to all future updates.

History of Jusu.

Jusu was originally known as "Juice Toon Shader Pack", as part of this products rebranding, I chose Jusu, derived from the Japanese word for Juice. In this rebranding in late August, I have added so many new features it's practically a new product.


Jusu shaders are compatible on blender 3.4 and above, as well only in Eevee render engine.


All shaders are subject to change, not be exactly as the picture upon first use, as well the shaders can change drastically when you edit the node. As well all showcase images are done with bloom enabled, and a world color of black.

3D Shaders (Meant for 3d models/3d shapes)

2D Shaders (Meant for 2d shapes/Planes)

Addon Shaders (Meant for to be used with other shaders, gets added on top of)

Manga Modules(MM)

The following pictures showcase the MM Nodes in action. The first showcase image will have an included .blend file int he product variant including example files.


The planes below are all the patterns able to be used in MM but the Suzanne(monkey) is an example of using the different patterns in the MM nodes.

To view how to use MM view Documentation.

Below are some examples of the shaders.

Some are included in example files variant.


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Blender Version 4.1, 4.0, 3.6, 3.5
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License Royalty Free
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