Jojuice Fall-Winter Content Bundle ($132 Value! 50% Off! 12 Products!)

by JoJuice in Surfacing


A huge bundle of content I have made from mid Fall 2022 to a tiny bit over the end of Winter 2023. This bundle embodies a lot of toon aspects, geometry nodes, and addons! All for 40% off their premium prices!

All files will be included in the downloadable file after purchase called "JoJuice Fall-Winter Content"

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Bundle includes the 12 products below!

Release order. Ascending.

Juicetoon Shader Pack V2 Eevee/Free Style (37 Shaders)+Example Files

File - "Juice Toon Shader Pack Release V3 + Example"

Hologram Geometry Node Pack

File - "Hologram"

Animafy - Retro Anime/Animation Compositing Node

File - "Animafy Node + Toon Shaders"

Toontilities - Toon Geometry Node Utility Generators Eevee/Free Style

File - "ToonTilities Release"

Jojuice - Anime Grass Shader With Particle System Eevee

File - "Anime Grass"

Jojuice Composite Nodes Addon - (5 Post Processing Effects)

File - "JoJuice Composite Pack"

Easy Import Addon - Easy .Blend Importer For Reusing Assets.

File - "Easy Import" see product page for addon installation of .py

Jojuice Anime/Toon Water Shader (Eevee)

File - "Anime Water Product"

Bits & Bobs Workflow Addon

File - ""

Crystalfy Addon - Crystal Gen From Mesh

File - "Crystalfy(1.0.0).zip"

Face Align Node - Geometry Node

File - "Face Align Node.blend" see product link for appendage.

Pyrite - Cuboid Crystal Addon

File - "Pyrite"

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