Bevel Joints - Addon Will Join Meshes And Add A Non-Destructive Live Bevel, Add Another Object Update And Bevel Agian

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After installing the script in Edit > Preferences > Addons, you can find it in the 3D View sidebar.

 ‘Bevel Joints V2’

***Please View the Demo for the proper use case

and remember, not every mesh at every angle will work correctly, please test a few different times if you are having trouble and view the demo video for the proper use :)

***I have a discord you can get help from too

I added a bevel loop control that adds a custom bevel on top of all of your meshes, so you can control all bevels at once if you wish

The previous version had many constraints regarding the shape of the two objects being joined. This new version is more versatile with joining two objects. The pictures below show what I mean.

The first thing you need to do is select an object, and specify a target as shown in the above image. After that, you need to position the two objects in such a way that the operator can join them. For instance, you can position them as in the image shown below.

Now you can adjust the bevel parameters in edit mode which was not possible in the previous version. After joining two objects, here’s what the panel looks like.

The active object is now a part of the ‘target’ object.

The region the objects are joined is beveled as well.


The first thing the script does is check if the two objects are overlapping. If they are not, then it won’t do anything. 1)

Finding the ‘cutting-plane’

After making sure the two objects are overlapping, it then finds the face of the target object that ‘cuts’ or     ‘intersects the active object.

It does this by casting a ray that starts from the origin of the target object to the origin of the active object.

The rest is Blender Python magic and you get solid results, as shown below,

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