Npr Character Model-Gabriella Rose -Original Character- Low-Poly 3d Model (2.79)

by jetstream14 in Models

This is my original character who is to be featured in my animated project, P.A.D. She is fully Model and rigged (as well as with genitals) This model uses the rig known as Rigify with a few of my own added tweaks to it. She is free to use as you see fit as long as I am creidted for the use of the original content. This means if you would like to re-rig, remodel, or even frankin doll (meaning reuse, edit, deform, or switch out any parts that deviates from the model original form in order to look like a different model entirely...) then that is ok, but if you use the original model as is, then credit is due to me. 

Model Details:

Faces/Polygons:  456,777 (Subdivde) 84,519 (Non-Subdivide) Verticies: 470,851 (Subdivide) 91,658 (Non-Subdivide) Tris/Triangles: 911,330 (Subdivide) 165,767 (Non-Subdivide) Rigged: Yes Animated: No Material: Yes Textures: Yes UV's: Yes UV Type: Mixed (Overlay only on non-visible objects and areas. Character primary obejects like the body and clothing are all non-overlayed) Physics: Yes (Only on the hair)

Author's Note: I do not condone any form of child obscene related imagery nor had any intention of depicting it in any of my media. Any form of nudity depicted in any media based model is of educational use only and is in no means to come off as obscene or offensive. As said, this content does contains a form of nudity, but none of obscene poses nor animations.

NOTE: All textures for this model are baked into the file by default but if you need the textures still, they will be included with purchase via the "Zip file"