Jaw With Teeth And Tongue Base Mesh Generator

by gonzou3d in Models

Jaw basemesh model with teeth and rigged tongue. UV unwrapped, vertex painted, with lots of vertex groups and shape keys assigned.

If you need a rigged and fully customizable jaw model for your characters this product is for you. Create your own jaw model that fits your character's style (modify every part of the mesh thanks to over 350 available shape keys). Use it a basemesh for sculpting or apply it to your model (since it's textured).

- fully customizable mesh: over 350 shape keys (almost 100 main and over 250 detailed ones) to randomize every part of the model. 20 ready to use presets (10 realistic and 10 stylized)
- clean topology (quads only), modelled as one mesh- excelent for animation and sculpting
- rigged jaw and tongue (allows to perform every possible motion)
- contains UV unwrap, lots of  vertex groups and vertex paint masks assigned
- procedurally textured with a simple shader

3 versions of the model available:
- gums + teeth modeled as one mesh
- gums mesh + separated teeth mesh (all teeth are joined)
- gums mesh + separated teeth meshes (every tooth is a separate object)

Please see the Documentation section to learn how to use the product.

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Blender Version 2.7x, 2.6x
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