J-2 Rocket Engine

by Luka David Torkar in Models

This is an accurate model of the Rocketdyne J-2 rocket engine that was used on the second and third stage of the Saturn V Moon rocket. It was modeled and textured in Blender3D with the SubD workflow so adjusting the level of detail is pretty easy if you want the model to be light on resources. This makes the model suitable for all kinds of scenes as the SubD nature of it allows you to change the poly count very easily. I've added some simple procedural materials in Blender to add the detail of individual pipes on the engine bell instead of modeling every single pipe individually. All the major components of the engine are modeled except some of the smaller wirings that were changing from engine to engine. The model is not exactly low poly as it is meant to be imported into the program of your choice and have a subdivision surface modifier applied to it. If you wish to have a game-ready model made for your project, please feel free to contact me and we can agree on the price. For anyone wondering, the structure shown in one of the renders is not included with the purchase. As of the time of the writing that is still a work in progress.

All the preview renders were rendered in Cycles, while the animation was rendered in Eevee.

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Published almost 3 years ago
Blender Version 2.92
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