Isometric Scene Creation Masterclass In Blender 3D

by Mad Candy 3D in Training

Embark on a creative adventure with our course, "Blender 3d : Ultimate Isometric Scene Creation Masterclass."

I'm Pradeep and I'll guide you step by step, teaching you how to make captivating 3D scenes. From planning your project to crafting detailed models and playing with lights, we cover it all.

Learn the art of materials to add stylized touches and discover the magic of lighting to set the perfect mood. Explore different cameras and find out the secrets of rendering to make your scenes pop. Finally, I'll show you how to polish everything using Blender's compositor. And finally some 3d animation,

This course is for everyone, whether you're just starting or already experienced. Join us and turn your ideas into stunning 3D scenes with Blender's Isometric Scene Creation Masterclass. Enrol now and let your creativity shine!

Section 0: Project Planning Gain inspiration, map out your scene, and weave in storytelling elements to set the stage for your creative journey.

Section 1: Modeling Discover various 3dmodeling techniques and best practices in blender 3d as we bring each element of your scene to life.

Section 2: Materials Learn the art of creating and applying materials, selecting the perfect colors to enhance your isometric masterpiece.

Section 3: Lighting Explore different lights and 3d lighting techniques to breathe life into your scene, making it visually compelling.

Section 4: Camera learn the best framing techniques, explore the different camera types, focal lengths, and wield depth of field to enhance your storytelling.

Section 5: Rendering Uncover the best render settings to showcase your isometric scene in all its glory.

Section 6: Compositing Finish strong by refining your rendered scene using Blender's compositor to add that extra polish.

Section 8: Camera Animation Learn how to create a perfect looping turntable 3d animation for your isometric scene.

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Published about 1 month ago
Blender Version 4.0
License Royalty Free
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