Iron Pbr Texture

by CGHawk in Surfacing

Iron PBR Texture

My first attempt at creating a texture for rough iron texture, high detail and tileable, just drop the textured model into your scene and apply the material to the new object or rework the shader to your liking with the files provided.

Texture size is 2048p

Diffuse x Height x Metallic x Mixed AO x Normal x Roughness x Specular

This is a super handy texture to have as looks great when applied to 3D assets.

Just load the FBX and apply the texture to your model

PBR texture, apply to models as shown in render.

Download includes .fbx, .obj, dae, abc, stl, x3d, gltf, ply and a Blender file and a Cinema 4D file.

Iron PBR Texture by CGHawk