Interior Essentials - Design Tool & Asset Library

by polyspaace in Models

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  • kbagbala
    8 months ago

    Very nice useful addon. Waiting for more update. Light switches would be cool

  • Steven
    about 1 year ago

    I bought the package deal and I am very impressed. This is by far the best assets & library I have come across. Super easy to use. I hope to see some more assets in future updates or asset packs for other rooms as well. 10 Stars

  • AC
    almost 2 years ago

    The flow asset browser reveals itself better than the Blender 3.0 asset browser because you can add a bunch of items just by copying them into the library folder. I can't use blender asset browser because it is just crappy as hell (the developers should try Cinema4D for some UI inspiration once, and not only for the asset browser)
    Thanks to flow I am able to use this incredible collection of assets and probably make my own collections as well so this helps a lot.
    The only downside is that I need to select a subcategory to display the items. I would like to have all the items in subcategories displayed when I select a main category, I would also like to have an "all items" category. At this time this can be dealed of with the search feature which is handy.

  • Jörg Vetter
    almost 2 years ago

    i must say in my eyes one of the best addons for blender.
    the asset manager is classes better and easier than the blender integrated.
    the models are great and adding the best of your own is a breeze.
    thank you for the great work..... and hopefully many more extensions.

  • Paweł
    almost 2 years ago

    - flow - a great, very extensive and useful tool, worth the price in itself, creating floor panels of any texture, mega
    - libraries, in my case a complete set - when working with architecture and visualizations, it is really worth investing and saving time on other projects
    - everything is connected well without errors, I hope for an update and a growing base of elements;)
    - I recommend

  • Michael
    about 2 years ago

    So far I enjoy this product alot. The assets are high quality and very realistic and you get a pretty good selection of stuff. One request I'd like to make is if we could have some US standard plugs and wall outlets in the next update. Other then that, awesome add on!

  • echoform
    about 2 years ago

    It's a nice addon. My main issue is how dense some of the meshes are. A bed is over 600k tris when it could be decimated with minimal loss of quality to be much less. When you are placing a lot of objects, it all adds up. I feel the assets could be optimized a lot more. Otherwise, it is a useful tool to create scenes quickly. Looking forward to future updates!

  • Luis
    over 2 years ago

    really nice!

  • ozan
    over 2 years ago

    should be six stars, five stars is not enough to appreciate.

  • Fauzan
    over 2 years ago

    this really worth a hundred dollars, because the free updates included on product
    but maybe the dev needs to improve a customer support, and needs to improve the marketing product :)

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