Imogen Rigged Female Dancer For Blender And Unity

by TomCAT Character Art in Models



2 Blender files (with/ without GUI picker) 

Rig Features: IK/FK switch, foot roll, eye lock, and more

34 visemes & expressions in pose library & shapekeys

Adjustable makeup, hair, eye, and clothing colors

102 Textures: albedo, normals, roughness, alpha, 1-4k

9 Clothing pieces: Bodysuit, Jean shorts, Leggings, Choker, Sweatshirt, T-shirt, Panties, Long dress top, Long skirt with physics, Short skirt, Ballerina flats


Fully rigged, including hair and face

34 Visemes & expression in shapekeys

Adjustable colors


OBJ, STL, FBX, Backup textures



BLENDER FEATURES 2 Blender files (with/ without GUI picker) ***

FULL BODY AND FACE RIG WITH GUI PICKER IK/FK switch, foot roll, eye target lock, head lock, elbow/knee pinning, finger grasp, simple and complex hair control, limb stretch, dress cloth physics, 1 bone limbs with twist bone and more

EXPRESSIONS 34 visemes & expressions saved in a pose library (bones) & shapekeys (mesh) Visemes: Ah, Ee, Oe, Eh, Oh, Ch, F, B, C D G K N S T X Y Z, L, Th Expressions: 24 poses for eyes, eyebrows and mouth

TEXTURES Adjustable colors for most items like hair, eyes, clothing, and makup Textures: diffuse, normals, roughness, alpha, up to 4k resolution

MESHES Nude body, hair, haircap and 9 Clothing pieces in 3 outfits

STUDIO OUTFIT Bodysuit Jean shorts Leggings Choker

SLEEP OUTFIT Sweatshirt T-shirt Panties

LONG DRESS Dress Top Long skirt Short skirt Ballerina flats

CLOTH PHYSICS Long dress flows automatically when the body is animated, using cloth physics and collision

HIGH DETAIL MESH (in blender) Body 9932 faces Brows & Lashes 12,374 faces Hair 25,254 faces Dancer outfit 6932 faces Sleep wear outfit 4673 faces Dress outfit 5296 faces

HAIRCARDS Hair, eyebrows and eyelashes are made using haircards.

UNITY PACKAGE Made with URP Rigged body and hair 34 expressions and visemes Same outfits as the blender file Adjustable colors, but not as many options as the blender file.

UNITY MESH Body 9932 faces Brows & Lashes 12,374 faces Hair, duplicate & flip 51,541 faces, Duplicated and flipped meshes so the hair is visible from both sides. Dancer outfit 6932 faces Sleep wear outfit 4673 faces Dress outfit 5296 faces


BLENDER FILES Imogen-057-with-GUI.blend - Blender file, fully rigged with GUI picker & textures.*** Imogen-057-NO-GUI.blend - Blender file, fully rigged & textured.*** & proxy_picker - Autorig Pro plugin to use the advanced rig features. Free version.

EXTRA FILES Imogen Backup Textures - Back up of all textures. Imogen-057.obj Imogen_057-dancer.stl Imogen_057-longdress.stl Imogen_057-sweatshirt.stl Imogen_057-T-shirt.stl

UNITY FILES Imogen-053B.unitypackage - Main Unity file Imogen-053.fbx - Used to make the Unity file Imogen-053-Unity-Prep.blend - Used to make the Unity file

Sales 20+
Published about 2 years ago
Blender Version 3.1
Render Engine Used Cycles
Misc Data Uvs-Unwrapped, Rigged, Normal-Mapped, Textured
License Royalty Free
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