Illustrationz - Rigged Modular 3D Models Of Family 3D Model

by ThreeDee in Models

This is a complete package of ILLUSTRATIONZ libraries.

It consists of Adults, Kids, Elders, and Pets packs.

You can make hundreds of millions of cartoon 3D character  

3D pack is truly diverse so you can create anyone

Adults, Kids, Elders and Pets included

Some cool features included

Adults - 10 Poses with various objects prepared

Elders - 10 Poses with various objects prepared

Kids - 10 Poses with various objects prepared

Pets - 10 Poses with various objects prepared

Adults ARkit BlendShapes and vicemes

Quickly bring 3D cartoon characters to life with our Blendshapes ARKit and Visemes. Easily achieve lifelike expressions and perfect lip-syncing, enhancing realism in games, AR, and animations.

LipSync included 🗣️

Bring your characters to life with simple talking animations in Blender. With our LipSync feature, animating speech is easier than ever. Create smooth, natural dialogues with just a few clicks. Its animation is made effortless.

Fun scenes included

Clean Squad Topology included

Rendered PNG files

Preview of Blender file

Cartoon modular 3D characters⬇️

Create your 3D cartoon character with custom clothes



19 hair types and facial hair

13 Upper Clothes types

12 pant types

13 types of shoes
13 types of accessories


12 types of hair types15 types of Upper Clothes

13 types of pants

12 types of shoes 

12 types of accessories


10 types of hair types

13 types of Upper Clothes

13 types of pants

11 types of shoes

12 types of accessories


10 types of hair types

13 types of Upper Clothes

13 types of pants and skirts

10 types of shoes

8 types of accessories


10 types of hair types and facial hairs

10 types of Upper Clothes

10 types of pants

10 types of shoes

10 types of accessories


11 types of hair types

10 types of clothes

10 types of clothes

10 types of accessories

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Created by ThreeDee


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