Photorealistic Plants & Pots Set + Flow 2.6

by polyspaace in Models

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Installation guide:

1. Unpack the library

Unpack the downloaded archive in any place you desire. Just make sure that you will always have acces to this location, addon files requires constant access to them, otherwise they will not be able to load! 

2. Install  the plugin in Blender

Open preferences window (Ctrl + Alt + U or Edit > Preferences) and go to the addons panel. Make sure, that Community tab is selected, and click "Install" button. Go to the location, where you've unpacked the archive and click ''. Then turn on the plugin on the addons list. 

3. Set up the library installation path in Blender 

Do not close the window yet. Below the information on the plugin, you will find "Interior Essentials install path". Click on the area next to it and go to the destination where you've installed the addon, then open the 'Flow Library' folder. 

4.  You may already start using the plugin! 

If the plugin is installed correctly, you should see the Interior Essentials tab in the view panel (right side of the 3d view by default). And that's it! You may now start adding the objects to your scene. Was that not simple enough? Now just take a look how easy to use is our library! 

How to use:

1. Place the 3d cursor on the point where you want to place the object 

Notice, that all the objects in the library are real-scaled, and the insertion point will always place the object on the surface. 

2. Find the Flow panel on the view tab.

If the view tab is not visible, click 'N'

3. Click 'Add Object' button 

4. Select the desired category and click on the blank field 

5. Choose the object by clicking on it's thumbnail

6. Click "OK" to add the object to the 3d view. 

This will place the Collection Instance to your scene, what means that the object will not be editable (you may only affect the global transforms), but that will save a lot of memory while working with this object and rendering. If you wish to have the editable object in your scene, just open the specific file and copy the object to yout scene. Be aware that saving the root file will affect every scene, where you've linked that instance!

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