Idesign City Pack Bundle

by EdenWeby 3D in Addons

This Bundle contains some of our City Design Addons, if you buy it you can quickly Design the City of your imagination, we have bundled together two addons and one for free , they are City Road Addon, Garbage Scatter Addonand Procedural City Addon

City Road Builder

City Road builder is blender's most advanced road system that makes adding roads to your scene curved or straight so easy, it comes with a lot of features and more to be updated in the future with more advanced lighting system, more roads, junction maker and so man others 

Some of What you can do with this addon

The Pro Version comes with a Junction System and more advanced workflow that adds a more realistic road with junctions

select a road and then tweak its settings,

in the pro version you can make as many roads as you want in one scene

use the Rotation options to add another junction and rotate it in any way you want

you can create a road, change repeat value to make the road longer

Garbage Scatter

This is Blender's Very First Garbage Scatter addon that focuses on Trash, Rubbish and all its associates, it comes with a variety of assets that you can use to scatter trash object like bottles, cans, drinks, sodas, papers, packings, debris and many other objects on any surface, 

it easy and simple to use, the learning curve is so low even a young kid can use it, everything is Easy to tweak and its so customizable, it comes with 4 Trash Categories, 9 Assets and more coming in updates, 

Procedural City Addon

This is a great solution for creation of a city in a few seconds, this addon uses geometry nodes to create stunning and eye catching city visuals in just one click of a button and maybe a few tweaks, it comes with over 7 presets of buildings that you can a plane on a plane to create a city, everything is procedural

City Presets

This version comes with 7 presets ready for customization, you can change the materials or even model your own buildings and replace them using the geometry nodes for advanced users. the presets include

Quick Real Ocean

This addon creates an animated ocean with foam and ripples in just one click, it also adds an ocean material to it, it is so simple to use, you do not need any tutorials but just common sense and maybe some little blender skills :)

Get Started

how to use this plugin if you are a beginner

Creating an ocean

to create an ocean just select any object, go to the Quick Ocean Panel and click the Make ocean button to create an ocean or you can just click the Add Ocean Button to add a volumetric ocean with foam interaction and collision detection, then Click the Add Ground button to create a floor for the ocean


Particles-X Blender's Most Advanced Particle System Extension

Scifi Elements Addon which creates scifi elements in your scene easily

City Road Builder, Blenders best city road generator

Vera Light Studio, Blenders Easiest Lighting Addon

 Easy Displacer Addon to Add detail and realism to your geometry

Quake Motion Camera, Blenders best motion camera addon ever created

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