I-Lity Lights

by Gtech-i-Design LLC in Addons

i-Lity Lights: Easy Scene Setup for Studio Lighting


Welcome to i-Lity Lights, the ultimate add-on for creating professional studio lighting setups in Blender with ease! Designed by Gtech_i_Design LLC, this add-on is perfect for beginners and novice users who want to achieve stunning renders without the hassle of complex lighting setups.

Key Features
  • New Update - HDRI Dome World Projection: You can create a realistic scene in seconds by projecting an HDRI image as your background within a dome half sphere.

  • Quick Studio Light Setup: Instantly add pre-configured studio lights to your scene with just a few clicks. Choose from a variety of presets to match your desired mood and style.

  • HDRI Environment Integration: Easily browse and set HDRI image presets to enhance your scene with realistic lighting and reflections. The built-in HDRI preview feature makes selecting the perfect background a breeze.

  • Camera Management: Add and align cameras to your view effortlessly. Toggle camera lock and adjust settings directly from the sidebar for optimal control over your shots.

  • BackDrop/Object Utilities: Snap selected objects to the ground, scale objects, and manage their materials and modifiers from one convenient panel.

  • User-Friendly Interface: The intuitive layout ensures that even those new to Blender can quickly understand and utilize the features of i-Lity Lights.

Why Choose i-Lity Lights?
  • Efficiency: Save time by using ready-made lighting setups and easy-to-use controls.

  • Flexibility: Customize your scene with a wide range of lighting and camera options to suit any project.

  • Support and Resources: Access helpful tutorials and support through links to our YouTube channel, website, and social media.
Perfect For:
  • 3D Artists: Elevate your renders with professional studio lighting.

  • Product Visualizers: Showcase your products in the best light possible.

  • Animators: Create well-lit scenes that bring your animations to life.

  • Archviz Designers: Achieve realistic interior and exterior lighting effortlessly.

Get Started Today!

Transform your Blender workflow and produce stunning renders with i-Lity Lights. Download now and experience the simplicity and power of professional studio lighting at your fingertips.

Published about 2 months ago
Blender Version 4.2, 4.1, 4.0
License GPL
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